The Lifeminder is a medical GPS personal safety alarm, with a fall detection function, that lives up to its name and fulfils all the promises noted on the brochure accompanying this product.

I have accommodated my disabilities since birth. However, I have faced my biggest challenges since the loss of my sight and hearing, and relocating recently to live on my own, with my Seeing Eye Dog, Yoshi.

Along with Yoshi, the Lifeminder personal safety alarm has given me back a sense of security and measure of independence.

By pressing the central SMS button on the pendant, the *SIM card in the Lifeminder allows it to act as a secondary mobile device, enabling direct 2-way communication with family and emergency responders.

My family cannot physically reach me in an emergency, so my Lifeminder pendant is also monitored by APERS (Australian Personal Emergency Response Systems). APERS has been efficient in setting up the monitoring, and thoroughly reliable in following up any monitoring issues with the Lifeminder; they have called and checked to ensure the monitoring function is still without problems, and that I am safe, on a regular basis.

My NDIS Plan has funded my Lifeminder and the APERS modest monitoring fees.

The staff at Lifeminder are invested in this product and have also been thoroughly reliable and efficient in organising the programming and delivery of my Lifeminder. They have also been conscientious in following up on any after-sales service enquiries.

While the Lifeminder has been largely used to-date by those with epilepsy, the frail aged and isolated workers, I can thoroughly recommend it to the community with vision, hearing, and dual sensory impairments/deaf blindness as they are also among the most vulnerable amidst us.

They will find it easy to use, and will be able to quickly *send their GPS and Google Map location to their family or APERS in an emergency by pressing the central SOS button, without the need to speak or direct others to their location.

*access to the satellite and mobile network need

Christine Napper -Mortdale NSW 2223

Since my husband passed away and now living on my own my family have been concerned with my wellbeing as I had a fall and of course they are frightened that I will be in danger without them knowing.

My daughter found the Life Minder which has given us all the comfort of knowing that if anything does happen my pendant will contact my family immediately.

I love it, I can now go out in my car on my own and do my shopping and meet up with my friends without the worry.

The Epilepsy Association of South Australia and The Northern Territory has been providing and installing the Epi-Assist Epilepsy bed mat into our client base with outstanding results. The feed back from the clients that have decided to use the Epi-Assist bed mat has been very positive.

The reliability of the Epi- Asist bed mat allows the family and carers to have piece of mind that their loved ones are being reliably monitored in the time of a convulsive seizure.

The Epi- Asist bed mat is extremely easy to install and set up which also gives clients piece of mind that they can take the mat with them when they go away on a holiday and not worry that setting the mat up will be a lengthy and complicated process.”

Val Hudson, Valentine, NSW.