Sensing What Matters

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Get Your Freedom Back, Go Anywhere with the Life Minder Falls resulting from a Tonic Clonic seizure can be fatal if a fall is not detected quickly, family or friends can be alerted within seconds that you need HELP.

There have been instances when a mother has been in the community with her children and has experienced a Tonic Clonic seizure. This is a very serious situation that is potentially life threatening also placing the children at risk. The Life Minder automatically detects the sudden impact of a FALL, or , by pressing the SOS help button, on the Life Minder it will call up to Eight (8) nominated mobiles giving a SMS “HELP” or “FALL” message with the location of the Life Minder using Google Map.

Included in the message is a link via Google Maps for the location. The two (2) parties can hold a clear two-way voice conversation. The Life Minder is a mobile phone without all the complicated features thereby making it easy to use

Any nominated mobile can call the Life Minder and hold a hands-free conversation or send a command to find its location. It is IP67 water-resistant.

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For more information, visit the Life Minder website -

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