We have been using the Epi-Assist Safe Bed exit sensors for 6 years. During that time, we have had very happy clients with successful and safe out of bed monitoring with excellent feedback.
The Epi-Assist Safe Bed is preferred by Residential Aged Care Clients who are willing to pay for extra quality, longevity, and comfort.
I would like to recommend Epi-Assist for their service and support over the years, the company has
always been available when we needed them regardless of day or time.

Bart Williams MBA
Marketing Director


“As a provider of Residential Aged Care both high and low, we have been utilising the EpiAssist Bed Exit Safe-Bed system on many of our beds to monitor our residents for a number years.  The system is linked into our nurse call system and this enables staff to be aware when a resident has exited their bed.

This knowledge allows us to better monitor fall risk residents, wandering residents as well as develop toileting programs for residents who frequently leave their bed.

It also provides staff with a greater sense of confidence that they are aware of the location of the residents during night shift.

It is a very reliable system and has proved far more effective and efficient than previous systems we have employed.

The EpiAssist Bed Exit Safe Bed system is a great asset to us as a Residential Aged Care provider and I can highly recommend it to any and all Residential Aged Cared providers.”

Andy Fullerton
Systems and Projects Coordinator

On behalf of the management and staff of Kanandah Retirement Limited I would like to congratulate your company on the Emfit bed sensor system.

As you would be aware one of the greatest Challenges for staff working in residential aged care is how to efficiently monitor the unique needs of residents with dementia.

The Emfit bed sensor system immediately alerts staff working on the working on the floor to a resident’s position or activity.

Due to the efficiently of the sensor of the sensor our sensor our staff are able to respond to the resident in a timely manner

The Emfit bed sensor system was recently described by one of Kanandah’s staff members as a superb piece of dementia care equipment. Given this Registered Nurse has worked in aged care for over 30 years, and
is recognized as being an excellent dementia care nurse, I consider this as the highest possible recommendation.

Once again thank you and all the very best for the future with this marvelous product.

Sue Pearse
Kanandah Retirement Limited

As an Aged Care Facility Crowley had difficulty in finding a bed sensor that was reliable and sensitive to our residents needs which was imperative to their safety. We had used other brands which proved to be unreliable and dangerous as we experienced many false alarms or not working at all.

The Emfit Bed Sensor Mat has been integral to Crowley’s resident’s safety. Since the installation of over 30 bed sensors in our dementia wing, our staff, residents and their families are seeing the benefits in utilizing a system which is consistent and reliable.

We have realized that the bed sensor alleviates our night staff from visiting all of the rooms to ensure that the resident has not fallen out of bed and are in fact in good health. The sensor controller can be programmed to suit individual residents thus eliminating false alarms.

This has given our night staff the opportunity to attend to the many other duties required with the many hours saved.

The Emfit bed sensor is very easy to set up when it has to be moved to another bed, we do not require any assistance from the company that services our nurse call system it is a simple task which we are capable of doing ourselves which saves us expense and time

The Emfit bed sensor supplied has become a vital part of our resident care, we feel by installing the Emfit it enables Crowley to offer our residents comfort and safety.

Gail Hollingworth

For nearly 12 months now we have been using the Emfit Safe Bed. These have proven to be far more reliable than the previous types that we had  been using.

Even installing them on different types of beds and mattress types, once configured, the sensor pad works well. We have found that on some mattress types we need to situate the sensor pad under the sheet and not under the mattress.

We are more than happy with the Emfit Safe Bed and  also with the service and back up support we receive from EPI -ASSIST.

Colin J Gregory
Property Manager
Bethshan Gardens

“Groves House has been using the Epi-Assist”  Bed sensors for the past 2 years and we have found the product to be very reliable.  Once staff learned how to operate the units there have been no problems and the sensors have provided valuable assistance to care staff in monitoring residents so that assistance can be provided promptly.  I can’t imagine how we could provide such responsive care without the sensors in place for the residents with dementia.

Danae Jenkins
Facility Manager - Groves House

We trialed our first Epi-Assist mat 3 months ago. We immediately noted a decrease in out of bed alarms. The Epi-Assist only alarms when no pulse is detected ie the resident is out  of bed, not just changing positions in the bed.Staff are not responding to alarms only to find the resident asleep in bed, as was the case with the previous mats. These Epi-Assist mats are quick and easy to install, easy to secure so they don’t move and are very unobtrusive.
We have had such positive feedback from staff re the decrease in alarms and the increased safety for residents. They know if the alarm sounds the resident is out of bed not just rolling over. Hence I have been instructed by Management to replace all old sensor mats with the Epi-Assist mats. The reduction in staff workload justifies the cost outlay. We are also using the chair mats as well.

Sue Toner Care Coordinator
St Louis Nursing Home
South Australia

We were advised by another nursing home to investigate the under-mattress Epi-Assist Safe Bed that they had found very reliable for monitoring residents bed exit,
A trial was arranged which we found was so successful, we immediately noted a decrease in out of bed false alarms.

A decision was made to proceed with installing the Safe Bed sensors to replace our existing mats which were consistently failing.

The Epi-Assist Safe Bed under mattress bed sensor only alarms when the persons vital bodies signs are no longer detected such as breathing, heart rate and pulse. This indicates that the resident has either fallen out of bed or just left for personal reasons.
The system was easy to integrate into our nurse call system, and when an exit is detected, the staff are immediately notified on the floor annunciators or staff phones.
The major advantage of the sensor is it does not alarm when the resident simply just changes positions in the bed. Therefore, staff are not responding to alarms only to find the resident asleep, as was the case with the previous sensors we have used.
The Epi-Assist Safe Bed sensors are quick and easy to install, easy to secure so they don’t move and are very unobtrusive.

We have had positive feedback from the floor staff re the decrease in alarms and the increased safety for residents. They know if the alarm sounds the resident is out of bed not just rolling over.
The reduction in floor staff workload justifies the cost outlay.
We have recommended to other aged care facilities, so they are able to benefit from the features and reliability of the Epi- Assist Safe Bed exit sensors.

St Pauls Lutheran Homes
Acting CEO
Mr. D Dreckow
7 Braun Dr
S.A. 5245