“When our daughters Isabella and Emily were both diagnosed as being epileptic it sent our family into complete panic. My wife and I struggled through this for over 12months not being able to sleep at night in fear of one of the girls having an attack with fatal consequences.

We attended one of the many meetings held by the epilepsy association to help us understand the many hurdles that confronted us as a family, at one of these meetings we were given a brochure and informed of your Emfit bed mat.

I am contacting your company to voice my pleasure in the decision my wife and myself made to purchase the mat from your company Epi –Assist Pty Ltd. The girls have had the occasional seizure and I am pleased to say the bed mat operated exactly as you and the manual described. The ease of installing the mat is a major benefit as we are able to take the mats with us when we go on holidays.

We both feel now that at least we have the piece of mind that if a seizure does take place that we are at hand immediately to take the appropriate steps.

I have told many people about this wonderful product and if any person wishes to contact me I would have no hesitation of recommending its use.”

Neil Gibson

“I would like to pass onto your company how satisfied our organization is with the Epi- Assist Epilepsy bed mat, this product has filled a need which has been an area of concern for people living with epilepsy and their families for a long time.

The Epilepsy Association of South Australia and The Northern Territory has been providing and installing the Epi-Assist Epilepsy bed mat into our client base with outstanding results. The feed back from the clients that have decided to use the Epi-Assist bed mat has been very positive.

The reliability of the Epi- Asist bed mat allows the family and carers to have piece of mind that their loved ones are being reliably monitored in the time of a convulsive seizure.

The Epi- Asist bed mat is extremely easy to install and set up which also gives clients piece of mind that they can take the mat with them when they go away on a holiday and not worry that setting the mat up will be a lengthy and complicated process.”

Mark Francis

“I wanted to personally thank you for your help on purchasing this mat. Our daughter had another seizure at 4.30am on the weekend and was picked up immediately through the mat and alerted me. With her seizures being prolonged this mat def saved my beautiful girl from laying in bed for hrs till I checked on her.

If you have anyone hesitant in spending the money give then my details I would be happy to recommend.”


“We purchased the Epi-Assist in December and we were skeptical that it may not work for our son who is just 17 months old. He has Epilepsy but also another condition he has is Cerebral Palsy so he had a lot of tonic movement especially when he sleeps.
I ordered the mat on Thursday and to my surprise it came Friday. Very quick delivery. We went to set it up Sunday and were having trouble so out of sheer luck I called the 1800 number and we got some help. We couldn't believe we got someone on a Sunday. John Burgess was so so helpful.

Sunday night it was ready to go. But unfortunately it was going off constantly due to his movements. He was not having seizures.

I then spoke to John on Monday and we changed some settings and since then it has been all systems go. It works great for William, yes stills goes off once in a blue just due to movements but it also goes off for his seizures. It has given us a lot of peace of mind and some sleep for a change.

I cannot thank John enough for his help and also to the company for being so quick for service. I would recommend this product for anyone, yes it is expensive but worth every penny.”

Marielle Allan

“I just wish to say how important our epi assist mat has been to me and my partner, Anthony. Our 4 year son, Liam, started having tonic clonic seizures in June of this year. To say it has been the worse few months of our lives would be understating its impact.

Liam’s seizures are predominately nocturnal. They can last anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes plus. It is vital that we know if he is having a seizure, and with the seizures being silent, we need an audible warning. It would be nice to say we could stay awake 24 hours a day to keep our eyes on him, but that is just not an option. Without sleep we all fall apart completely.

With the epi-assist mat on his own bed, in his own room, Liam is able to sleep in his own bed. Anthony and I can get some much needed sleep as well, even if it is only between seizures. We also have the door bell, which makes sure the alarm is very audible, even if we happen to be the other end of the house. It gives me more peace of mind then I could possibly put into words. On bad nights, I have also moved Liam and his mat onto our bed, just because I feel like I need him near.

I have also taken this mat into hospital with us, on a number of occasions. It would be very easy to take away, when we can work up the courage… It is extremely easy to set up.

I could not possibly put into words how much I recommend this product. And, I can assure you, I am not using these words lightly.

Thank you for reading this. I wish you every bit of peace in this challenge that is epilepsy.”

Anne Spiteri

My name is Lorraine. I live in Kirrawee in Sydney

You installed a seizure monitor and Medical phone to my bed.

I am writing to tell let you know it is working well and I am very happy with it. It has given me piece of mind every night when I go to bed knowing that help is not far away if it's needed. Which it has been three times on each occasion the Emergency Phone alerted my family within minutes and they were around my place straight away.

My family is glad I have it and has stopped worrying about me living alone.

I have been a member of several epilepsy forums on the Internet and have told others about it. I wasn't surprised that nobody had heard of them before, as I hadn't, and they were glad to find out they exist. The only alternative they knew of was seizure alert dogs which not everyone can or do have.

I only found out about the monitors and Emergency Phone out of pure desperation at the thought of living alone. I thought with technology today there must be something that can detect excess movement. At first I couldn't find anything and was looking for someone who could adapt their existing system to my needs.

May I suggest that you do some advertising on some epilepsy sites. It would be so helpful to so many. Not only the person with epilepsy but to their family and carers.
Thank you again and if you wish you may use this testimonial to advertise your wonderful product


My son has epilepsy benign rolandic. His seizures happen when he sleeps. I bought a Emfit and it’s the best thing I did. Now I can rest myself knowing that the machine will alert me. What a wonderful sense of relief. Thank you!!


My son has had his EMFIT monitor for a few months now and although it’s been hooked up and ready to alert us, we’ve heard nothing (aside from the initial test during setup). Until today. He had a seizure in his sleep and the EMFIT let us know. While this doesn’t cure him, it allows me to give his doctors more data so they can help figure out why this is happening (changes in pressure, heat, migraines, etc. all seem to trigger seizures for him, but when his environment is steady they go away).
Thank you so much, both to Fund it Forward & to EMFIT for making my life a tiny bit less stressful and for helping my son’s doctors unlock the pieces of his puzzle.

Erin B

We have received our Emfit Monitor and last night, for the first time in almost 3 months, our son Michael  was able to sleepin his own bed by himself. The last few months have been stressful and I  finally feel that we are on the right track. I also want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me about doctors who specialize in epilepsy. We have met with direction he wants to take things. Without your advice I do not believe we would be in the place we are now.

The Danny Did Foundation has educated me more than any other resource I have found. I am profoundly sorry for the loss that you and your family have experienced. Every night, when I look into  Michael’s eyes and say  “goodnight” to him I think of Danny. I know he is saving lives and giving families the strength and knowledge to move forward when living a life with epilepsy.

Thank you again.


I really could not even express my gratitude to your foundation today. I did not even realize how much I was holding in until you offered me the movement monitor today, and that was when all my emotions came to the surface. I feel that I was blessed today, and maybe you gave my son a chance that he may not have had. It is people and foundations like you all that make the planet  a better place. To take care of our fellow humans, is the epitome in living. Please let me know how I can help your foundation here in Canada.


We can’t thank you enough for all your generosity. We will always be thankful for everything that you have done to help our family. Caleb went to the hospital this weekend because he went into Status
Epilepticus and in our dealings with the hospitals we are determined to make others SUDEP and epilepsy  aware. We were shocked at how unfamiliar people are in their dealings with epilepsy. Please let us know  how we can help spread the word. We feel as though everyone living with epilepsy needs to have a monitor and that everyone should be aware of how serious epilepsy really is. We want to help any way we can.

From the Nash Family

I wish to take this time to let you know how much I appreciate your purchasing this monitor for my daughter. I can now allow my daughter to sleep in her bed and I will be able to sleep better, knowing that the monitor will alarm if needed. I have posted about your organization on my Facebook and my sister has agreed to put a link on her web site. Again, Thank You So Much for all you do!

From Angie

Hi this is Merrilyn - I rang earlier regarding what I thought was a malfunction with our epilepsy mat. After putting my issue to you, I was pleased that you were able to talk me through the problem, which doesn't seem such an issue now. I would like to thank you for your support.

I would also like to recommend to anyone who suffers or who cares for someone suffering from epilepsy to consider investing in an Epi Mat . We have problems with lots of nocturnal seizures, so everyone is able to get quality sleep knowing that an alarm will alert us to a seizure that may have otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Thanking you

I truly believe your product saved my daughter's life the other night. She started having a tonic  clonic seizure at 2am and the only way we would have known is by the bed alarm going off. We had to stop her seizure by administering emergency  medication and I don't even want to think about what would have happened if we had not been alerted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


I wanted to send you a little update on how my son has been doing with his Emfit monitor that you sent us from Danny Did! It’s been so great! It really has changed our world in just over the past month! The first night that we got it and we toldour son he would be able to sleep in his own bed again, the relief and happiness on his face was priceless! It has been working for us.. there have been a few  nights now that the monitor has alerted us to Caleb seizing. At first, I was so nervous and so anxious of it maybe not working or something. It really was like when he was a newborn and the first night of putting him in his own room all over again.

I have to admit, I didn’t get much sleep the first week but after the first time that it showed me it does work and we can rely on it to alert us... we’ve all been sleeping a lot better. He has been much  happier and my husband and I are happy to have our room back to ourselves again! It’s a big comfort to know he can feel like a normal kid again but still be safe. So thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts!

We really do appreciate this so very much! Danny is always in our hearts! I’ll always think of Danny as my little boy’s guardian angel!

From Rachel